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Data for Good is a collective of passionate socially minded people who are empowering social change makers to be better by allowing their data to speak to them.

Data for Good was founded in 2013 by Joy Robson and Victor Anjos who wanted to make a bigger difference in their community but were frustrated by the lack of a coordinated centralized forum where not for profits could learn and lean on, the community to help them solve critical issues

Data For Good Week was borne out of this passion with an eye to expose more of the non and for profit community to the benefits that a better understanding and use of data and artificial intelligence can have on their community.  

So Data for Good Week was developed to educate, inspire and motivate the not for profit sector to become more knowledgeable about the benefits and challenges in trying to move their organizations to a data centric culture.

Data for Good Week is dedicated to helping inform, educate and enlighten Not for Profit organization on the role that data can, and should, play in their organizations

This week will review how not for profits are managing their data journey + an exploration of the role that Artificial Intelligence is, and will be, playing in data in a relaxed environment that will be conducive to open and honest dialogue with experts from across all industries.

Join Us. We’d love to see you.

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